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Reiki Reality

Let the light flow within you


About Reiki Master - Becky Read 

Hi there, I'm Becky and I am an Usui Reiki Master in Lingfield, Surrey. 

I offer in-person 1-to-1 Reiki Treatment Sessions from My Happiness Hub in Godstone or can travel to your home (10 mile radius of RH7) or can channel Distance Reiki for you.


I came to Reiki from a place of curiosity and found that it really resonated with me and I wanted to explore it further.  

My first introduction to Reiki came before I had any plans of training:  I was mourning the death of my dearly beloved step-father and while supporting my widowed mother, I naturally felt drawn to placing my hands on her chest asking for help to comfort her – when suddenly we could both feel heat pulsating through my hands.  “What is that?” my mother asked – and my answer at that point was “I don’t know….but it’s not coming from me – it’s coming from something greater than me; through me”.

This was the beginning of my exploration with the Universal Energy of Reiki and how it can nurture and support us for our highest good – whether that be for Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual healing and guidance.

I feel committed to channeling this great resource that empowers and supports us - for anyone who feels it may benefit them.

I am a member of The Reiki Association and adhere to The Reiki Association's Code of Ethics.


Reiki Treatments

What to expect during a Reiki Treatment

The Practitioner channels energy through their hands using their intuition to sense where it is needed most. This can be a hands-on treatment or no touching at all; and also can be conducted remotely, named Distance Reiki. 


The Practitioner acts as a channel or straw through which the energy travels from the Universe to the client for their highest good – the energy will go to where it is most needed.

This treatment is safe for any age group including pregnant women and those recovering from surgery.

Reiki is administered fully clothed and benefits can include deep calm, peace, and restoration.  There is no massage or manipulation.

Kind-faced practitioner giving hands-on Reiki healing to a client on a treatment bed

How Reiki can help us:

  • Taking us out of fight, flight or freeze state

  • Becoming grounded when life’s challenges make us feel stuck in our head, overwhelmed or anxious. Helping us to find solutions in a state of peace

  • Releasing fear or tension from the body

  • Helping us with pain management – whether physical relief; mental or emotional resilience to deal with it; or spiritual guidance for our life’s purpose

  • Energising us when we feel drained


Please note:  I am not a medical professional.  Reiki treatment is not a substitute for traditional medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment.  Please consult a medical professional for any physical or mental health issues.

Reiki is a complementary treatment which can assist Western medicine or surgery.


Nicky, Lingfield 2024

Becky is the one of those rare breeds, kind to the core and genuinely incredible. She has such a calming and caring presence I feel relaxed the moment I see her. 


I felt at ease straight away as Becky spoke openly about what to expect and is very down to earth. I didn't have an opinion beforehand on whether I believed in the benefits of reiki or not but now I certainly do. 


Becky has helped my whole family, my husband with neck pain, my children with sleep and me with various things on a physical and mental level. 


I cannot recommend this special lady enough. 

Claire, Lingfield 2024

Becky is calm, friendly and extremely professional. She creates a perfect atmosphere for you be able to relax in and therefore benefit most from the healing. I leave feeling lighter and more focused. I can’t recommend Becky highly enough!

Reiki with Becky is a most incredible experience. I came to her after having my second daughter. My body needed healing from carrying, and I was holding on to a lot of stress in my stomach from other major life events. Becky connected with me on a level I’ve never experienced. She intuitively responded to my movements and enabled me to release a huge energy blockage. 


I’ve since had remote reiki from Becky, and it was even more amazing. I wished I’d have filmed it so she could witness the movement and impact her healing had. She is so talented, and I couldn’t recommend her enough.



        Reiki Master - Becky Read     

                                07813 776 404                   


Becky is a member of The Reiki Association

Please feel free to reach out to me to see if I have availability to channel Reiki for you; and which Service would suit you best. 

For an in-person face-to-face appointment I work from My Happiness Hub in Godstone; or I can make a home visit to you within a 10 mile radius of Lingfield; or I can channel Distance Reiki for you over Zoom.

My Happiness Hub: Room 9, The Old Dairy, Godstone Green, Godstone RH9 8DY

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Room 9, My Happiness Hub, The Old Dairy
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Lily Plant to represent the peace brought from Reiki Treatments
Contact Us

Thank you for contacting Becky Read at Reiki Reality. I will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours. Any questions feel free to call me on 07813 776 404. I'm looking forward to getting your Reiki journey started.


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