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Testimonials Continued

Michelle, Ryde, Isle of Wight 2024

Becky’s reiki treatment was simply the most beautiful thing. I went in with an open mind, thinking that if the energy is universal, then it really doesn’t matter if the therapy is conducted remotely. And it worked - I could feel movement in my back, where I have pain, and had respite from pain for the whole session.


For the next couple of days my back was a bit tender but after that it felt a lot better. The treatment itself was blissful and my discussion with Becky afterwards was enlightening. She described how her hands didn’t get warm with the treatment until she came to a specific chakra. Although I hadn’t said anything beforehand, it was the same one chakra that I always have trouble aligning.


I felt safe and secure through the whole experience and would not hesitate to recommend Becky as a reiki master. She is a natural healer.

Reiki Reality logo with infinity sign representing the infinite energy of the universe channeled for the client during Reiki
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